Nonprofit Organizations

Entities who lead nonprofit organizations must focus their attention and efforts on the development and expansion of their groups, as well as meeting its goals and objectives while growing its resources. In doing so, these organizations face a unique set of compliance challenges and financial pressures. Our firm understands your specific legal needs and concerns due to our 30 years of experience working with nonprofits. With our extensive knowledge of the state and federal laws governing nonprofits, you can be confident that your legal matters will be handled competently and with the expertise needed to effectively manage your legal needs.

At Laquer Urban Clifford & Hodge LLP, we provide committed and experienced legal representation to virtually every type of nonprofit entity including charitable, religious and educational organizations.

Nonprofit Organization Legal Services

Legal services we routinely perform for our nonprofit clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Forming nonprofit benefit corporations
  • Applying for and obtaining tax exempt status
  • Legal compliance with the laws governing nonprofit entities
  • Resolving employment-related disputes and litigation
  • Negotiating and documenting contracts and leases
  • Representing nonprofits before local, state, and federal agencies, and any other legal issues connected with our client’s organization

As a nonprofit organization, we invite you to confer with one of our experienced attorneys about your legal needs and concerns. Find out how we can effectively assist you in maximizing the growth and efficiency of your group.

Contact our firm to set up an appointment with a nonprofit organization attorney to discuss your nonprofit legal matter today.

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